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  • Sunday, June 4

    5:45 PM (103 mins)


California Typewriter

In Person

  • Steve Wasserman is publisher and executive director of Heyday Books.

  • Jeremy Mayer is an artist who makes sculptures from disassembled typewriters.

  • Herbert Permillion III is the owner of California Typewriter in Berkeley.

  • Ken Alexander is a typewriter repairman at California Typewriter.

A portrait of artists, writers, and collectors who remain steadfastly loyal to the typewriter as tool and muse, and a meditation on the changing dynamic between humans and machines, the film takes its title from one of the country’s last typewriter repair shops, right here in Berkeley. Don DeLillo called the film “pure typewriter heaven. Interviews with Tom Hanks, Sam Shepard, David McCullough and others, all of them tending to hover at times over a manually operated keyboard. . . . ‘Such an emotional machine,’ someone says. . . . The family that runs the shop is the heart and soul of the movie.”

  • Doug Nichol
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  • 103 mins
  • Doug Nichol