• Yamamoto Baiitsu: Flowering Plum Blossoms, 1853; hanging scroll: ink and light colors on silk; 55 3/4 x 27 7/16 in.; BAMPFA, gift of Col. and Mrs. Prentice B. Peabody.


  • Thursday, April 6

    4–7 PM

Five Tables of Japanese Seasons

Drop by our art study centers on Free First Thursday and get an up-close view of some of the treasures (and occasional oddities) of the BAMPFA collections, laid out on the five tables in the seminar area. On view in this session: Two Sparrows in a Flowering Plum Tree by Baiitsu; a lively handscroll of the four seasons in Kyoto by Genki; evocative woodblock prints by Harunobu, Hiroshige, and Hokusai; Tanyu’s Arashiyama landscape; Clearing After Snow in Morning, a fan painting by Tessai; photographs from W. Eugene Smith’s Hitachi series, and more. Space is limited, so there could be a short wait.