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  • Saturday, January 21

    6 PM (98 mins)

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  • Sunday, January 22

    4:15 PM (98 mins)

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Knock on Any Door

35mm Archival Print


Humphrey Bogart, John Derek, Allene Roberts, Susan Perry,

Humphrey Bogart chose Ray to direct his first foray into independent production (Santana Productions, housed at Columbia). For Bogey, this story of a child of the slums (John Derek) who becomes a petty criminal, causes the suicide of his young bride, and is accused of murdering a cop surely harked back to the thirties, the heyday of the socially conscious gangster film. In Ray's hands, however, despite its flashback format, the film looks forward—to the fifties, when guilt and innocence may not be what they seem, and to be conscious at all is to be a rebel.

Judy Bloch