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  • Saturday, February 18

    8 PM (127 mins)

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Sympathy for the Devil

(One Plus One)

Digital Restoration

A snapshot of a far-off, lost world where rock music is still a redemptive and revolutionary force.

Andrew Hussey, The Guardian

The Rolling Stones, Anne Wiazemsky, Ian Quarrier, Frank Dymon,

The evolution of the recording sessions for the Rolling Stones song “Sympathy for the Devil” provides the connective tissue of Godard’s filmic essay on creation, destruction, and revolution. Interspersed with a series of ideological set pieces, including a pastoral press conference with Eve Democracy (Anne Wiazemsky), Black Panthers reading from Eldridge Cleaver and Amiri Baraka in an auto-wrecking depot, and a porn shop proprietor reciting Mein Kampf, the hit tune comes together as Godard takes everything else apart.

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