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Towards Tenderness

(Vers la tendresse)

Alice Diop’s featurette charts the ragged terrain of masculinity as it follows a band of young men pacing through a modern city, acting how society and their friends expect “men” to act. Their interior monologues, however, reveal other desires. For the director, “We do not listen enough to men on this subject.”

Preceded By

The Return
(Le retour)

Yohann Kouam, France, 2013

Young Willy can’t wait for his big brother Theo to return, but Theo has a secret to reveal.

Reluctantly Queer

Akosua Adoma Owusu, United States, Ghana, 2016

A young Ghanaian man struggles with what it means to be queer.

The Sense of Touch
(Le sens du toucher)

Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo, France, 2015

Two potential lovers find their relationship threatened by kittens and allergens in this imaginative animated short.