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  • Thursday, April 20

    7 PM (128 mins)

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Workers, Peasants

(Operai, Contadini)


Angela Nugara, Giacinto Di Pascoli, Giampaolo Cassarino, Enrico Achilli,

A roster of nonprofessional actors, mainly ordinary workers and farmers from Tuscany’s Pisa province, bring to life a famed Marxist novella (Women of Messina) in Straub-Huillet’s stunning treatise on community and opposition. In the midst of a verdant Italian forest, as the wind lifts the tree leaves and water flows in the nearby brook, these contemporary Italians recite the struggles of a group of peasants and workers during World War II. What Italo Calvino referred to as a “choral narrative” of utopia and unity emerges, one drawn from the past, yet echoing still today.

Jason Sanders
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Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet, Italy, France, Germany, 2002

Recently rediscovered, Incantati is an alternate ending to Straub-Huillet’s 2003 work Umiliati, also based on Vittorini’s book.