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CineSpin: Zvenigora

(Bewitched place), (Zakoldovanoye mesto)

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    Erika Bontrager is completing her degree in Psychology and Creative Writing at UC Berkeley. She first fell in love with music when dancing in The Nutcracker with live symphony accompaniment. She has written music in her free time for over ten years, first on the piano, then guitar, and bass. Her goals are to work as a music supervisor on scripts, and as a composer for film and television scores.

Join the BAMPFA Student Committee for CineSpin, our exciting annual film and live music event. This year we are thrilled that multi-instrumentalist and DJ Erika Bontrager will accompany Alexander Dovzhenko’s Zvenigora.

An anthology of Ukrainian folk myths, Zvenigora centers on a grandfather figure who stands for the spirit of the Ukraine. For Dovzhenko, Zvenigora “remained my most interesting picture for me. I made it in one breath—a hundred days. Unusually complicated in structure, eclectic in form, the film gave me, a self-taught production worker, the fortuitous opportunity of trying myself out in every genre. It was a catalog of all my creative abilities.” The old man believes that there is a treasure hidden in the mountains of Zvenigora. In the end, the real treasure turns out to be not gold or silver—it is the people, their intelligence and ambition, their harnessing of the land’s mineral wealth.

  • Russian intertitles
  • English electronic titling
Print Info
  • B&W
  • 35mm
  • Silent
  • 90 mins

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