SKYNSUIT: Little Stranger

Little Strangers, a collection of the seminal early comic works of Edie Fake, establishes the content and provides the title for a new collaborative work by performance and movement artists Dia Dear, SKYNSUIT (Bashir Naim and Shamu Azizam), and DVVSK. Accompanied by cellist Peekaboo Jenkins, they explore and unfold a movement language to rectify displacement and marginality and extend new considerations for the queer body. The event was scheduled to be performed at BAMPFA on May 10, 2020, but was canceled due to the COVID-19 public health order.

In lieu of the canceled event, SKYNSUIT (Bashir Naim) reinterprets the performance as a video work. Calling on the other artists in his quarantine pod with whom he was living, he produced a narrative piece to locate the social, political, and ecological imperatives of current times. Using the altered soundscapes of Robyn and ZHALA, Naim employs a handmade chrysanthemum creature to explore the unity of surrounding terrain and his body. Through shifted vocalizations, electronically produced soundscapes, and the movement of new organic life forms, this video elevates the environment to the metaphysical. The artist constructs ensembles that are informed by the natural world, shifting through movement and form to create a conversation between himself and the landscape. He aims to make the world around us understandable and relatable, creating intentional relationships between ourselves and the natural forms that surround us.

SKYNSUIT is formed by the brain swelling of Shamu Azizam and Bashir Naim—two lovers not brothers—currently based in Joshua Tree, California. They have individually and collectively collaborated or performed with Rafa Exparza, Wolfgang Tillmans, Mecca Vazie Andrews, Ryan Heffington, Doug Jones, Sia, Millie Brow, Mykki Blanco, Edie Fake, and more.