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  • What's It All Mean: William T. Wiley in Retrospect

    March 17–July 18, 2010

    This retrospective surveys the witty, idiosyncratic, and introspective work of William T. Wiley, a beloved Bay Area artist and “a national treasure” (Wall Street Journal). Layered with ambiguous ideas and allusions, autobiographical narrative and sociopolitical commentary, Wiley's... View

  • Brent Green: Perpetual and furious refrain / MATRIX 232

    May 2–September 12, 2010

    Brent Green is a maker of moving things-animated films, kinetic objects, and other eccentric inventions. His MATRIX exhibition coincides with the release of his first feature film, Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then, a fable of love, loss, and compulsive construction.

  • No Right Angles: The 40th Annual University of California, Berkeley...

    May 21–June 20, 2010

    This year's M.F.A. exhibition introduces seven local artists-Miguel Arzabe, Bonnie Begusch, Amanda Eicher, Matt Mullins, Aliza Rand, aZin seraj, and Rebecca Suss-who challenge preconceptions about both the media and the motivations of art.

  • Marisa Olson: Double Bind

    June 1–August 31, 2010

    With a pair of provocative YouTube videos, Olson unravels the promise and pitfalls of online participatory culture.

  • Himalayan Pilgrimage: Journey to the Land of Snows

    June 16, 2010–June 8, 2012

    Explore the journey of Buddhism across several centuries and from India into Tibet through exceptionally beautiful objects of sculpture and painting dating from the ninth to the eighteenth centuries.

  • David Wilson: Gatherings / MATRIX 233

    July 7–August 22, 2010

    Gatherings is the first-ever crossover project between the museum's MATRIX and L@TE programs. Follow the Oakland-based artist David Wilson's progress on site-specific installations in Gallery B while becoming immersed in a series of four Friday-night performances programmed in... View

  • Hauntology

    July 14–December 5, 2010

    Drawn primarily from the museum's recent acquisitions of contemporary art, this exhibition explores a wide range of art through the lens of the concept of “hauntology,” a term coined by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida in 1993 to refer to the study of social, psychological,... View

  • Flowers of the Four Seasons: Ten Centuries of Art from the Clark...

    August 25–December 12, 2010

    A dazzling array of Japan's greatest artistic traditions from ancient to modern will be presented in BAMPFA's major fall exhibition, which will feature a selection of more than 100 works of art from one of the most significant collections of Japanese art in America.

  • Jeff Crouse: Unlogo

    September 1–November 30, 2010

    With an iPhone app and a website, this online exhibition enables individuals to use a phone to identify logos occurring in cellular photographs and to replace them with images drawn from an online databank. Anyone can view and contribute to the databank, suggesting and uploading... View

  • Marjolijn Dijkman: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum / MATRIX 234

    September 26–November 28, 2010

    Marjolijn Dijkman's exhibition title refers to the first modern atlas, the “Theater of the World,” published in 1570. For Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, an ongoing photographic project initiated in 2005, Dijkman has archived and organized over 9,000 images in order to rethink existing... View

  • Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay...

    October 6, 2010–April 3, 2011

    With the publication of Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945–2000, BAMPFA presents the first comprehensive overview of Bay Area avant-garde film and video. The book is accompanied by an exhibition featuring posters, flyers, and rare... View

  • Vuk Ćosić: ASCII History of Moving Images

    December 1, 2010–February 28, 2011

    Vuk Ćosić created the ASCII History of Moving Images in 1998, just five years after the World Wide Web was introduced to the general public. Rendered online in the visual lingo of early computers, a black screen with green letters and numbers (ASCII characters), the piece presents... View

  • Emily Roysdon: If I Don't Move Can You Hear Me? / MATRIX 235

    December 12, 2010–March 6, 2011

    Artist and writer Emily Roysdon's work explores the intersection of social, political, and aesthetic space. Roysdon's MATRIX project, produced largely on-site in Berkeley, consists of photographic work that engages with the limits, framing, and representation of movement(s), both... View

  • Echoes of the Past: Qing Dynasty Chinese Painting 

    January 5–June 26, 2011

    This selection of new acquisitions highlights the ink painters of the Ming and Qing dynasties whose work was inspired by the artists of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

  • Indeterminate Stillness: Looking at Whistler 

    January 26–April 10, 2011

    This exhibition, celebrating Sharon and Barclay Simpson's gift to BAMPFA of sixty-two prints by James McNeill Whistler, looks at how Whistler subordinated Realism to the Modernist concerns of design, color, and tonal variation.

  • Eva Hesse: Studiowork

    January 26–April 10, 2011

    Like other artists of the 1960s, sculptor Eva Hesse (1936-1970) pushed the conceptual and technical limits of art. Organized by The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh, this exhibition presents rarely seen small-scale works, many from BAMPFA's own collection, that illuminate Hesse's... View

  • Futurefarmers: A Variation on the Powers of Ten / MATRIX 236

    February 6–April 17, 2011

    San Francisco-based collective Futurefarmers is spending the academic year in residency at the University exploring the production and the limits of knowledge. As a framework for this research, Futurefarmers is drawing on the iconic 1977 film Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames... View

  • Abstract Now and Then 

    February 16–April 17, 2011

    This exhibition in two parts draws on BAMPFA's rich permanent collection to present an overview of abstraction from the 1940s to 2010, including Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, and Conceptualism, as well as works that exemplify how a new generation of artists is extending,... View

  • Shelley Jackson: Skin

    March 1–May 31, 2011

    Shelley Jackson's Skin-equal parts conceptual art, performance art, literature, and Internet art-literalizes many of the tropes of Web-based art, such as decentralized authorship and the networked (common) body. In 2003, Jackson posted a 2,095-word short story on the Internet and... View

  • Jill Magid: Closet Drama / MATRIX 237

    March 20–June 12, 2011

    Jill Magid's recent work explores the intersection of governmental power and current events. For MATRIX, Magid considers a shooting at the Texas State Capitol by Fausto Cardenas in relation to Goethe's Faust, finding in the obvious but ultimately fruitful association similar... View

  • Create

    May 11–September 25, 2011

    Create is a major survey exhibition that brings together work made at three pioneering centers for artists with developmental disabilities: Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, San Francisco's Creativity Explored, and NIAD Art Center in Richmond. Showcasing twenty artists, who... View

  • Inarguably Uncertain: The 41st Annual University of California,...

    May 20–June 26, 2011

    Come see the newest talents to arrive on the art-world stage in the Forty-First Annual M.F.A. exhibition. The M.F.A. exhibition at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive offers UC Berkeley M.F.A. graduates in art practice the opportunity to present their work in the... View

  • Thomson & Craighead: Flipped Clock

    June 1–August 31, 2011

    Online only

    Flipped Clock, by the British artist duo Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead, is an online digital clock display that is inverted vertically. Flipped Clock takes an image created to be a display (a clock face) and puts it on display. Inverting the numbers underscores this quotation... View

  • Desirée Holman: Heterotopias / MATRIX 238

    June 26–September 18, 2011

    Heterotopias, which combines live action with digital animation, is one of a trilogy of videos in which Desirée Holman imagines and interrogates the human tendency to engage in fictional narratives. Holman constructs a Möbius-like relation between real and virtual, self and avatar... View

  • Rome, Naples, Venice: Italian Masterworks from the BAMPFA Collection

    July 6–December 18, 2011

    In celebration of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Italian unification, we present Rome, Naples, Venice: Italian Masterworks from the BAMPFA Collection. This exhibition brings together striking works by Mannerist and Baroque artists, including Caravaggio, Giovanni... View

  • Fernando Botero: The Abu Ghraib Series

    August 3–September 23, 2011

    Internationally acclaimed artist Fernando Botero created an intense torrent of drawings and paintings responding to abuses at Abu Ghraib prison. In 2009, the artist donated fifty-six works from this series to BAMPFA, an extraordinary gift made in recognition of Berkeley's historic... View

  • Kurt Schwitters: Color and Collage

    August 3–November 27, 2011

    The first major museum presentation of Schwitters's work to appear in the United States in more than twenty-five years, Kurt Schwitters: Color and Collage examines one of the most daring and innovative figures of the international avant-garde. Including assemblages, collages,... View

  • Silke Otto-Knapp: A light in the moon / MATRIX 239

    September 30, 2011–January 15, 2012

    With layered washes of similarly hued watercolors, the canvases of London-based German artist Silke Otto-Knapp seem at first monochromatic, but slight changes in light or a viewer's position reveal figures or landscapes. Conflating the mediums of painting and performance, Otto-... View

  • 1991: The Oakland-Berkeley Fire Aftermath Photographs by Richard...

    October 12–February 5, 2012

    In October 1991, immediately following a catastrophic firestorm that struck the Oakland and Berkeley hills, renowned Bay Area photographer Richard Misrach ventured into the fire zone armed with his eight-by-ten-inch view camera, recording both stark vistas and intimate details of... View

  • Richard Misrach: Photographs from the Collection

    October 12–February 5, 2012

    In conjunction with 1991: Oakland–Berkeley Fire Aftermath, Photographs by Richard Misrach, we are pleased to present works by Richard Misrach from the BAMPFA collection. In addition to the entire Graecism portfolio (1979–82), Richard Misrach: Photographs from the Collection also... View

  • Sun Works

    November 9–May 6, 2012

    The sun's power to illuminate, yet also to scar, makes itself known in the works of Sarah Charlesworth and Chris McCaw on view in Sun Works. Part of a larger series that explores how current events are represented photographically in the media, Charlesworth's Arc of Total Eclipse... View

  • The Reading Room

    January 15, 2012–December 21, 2014

    Come hang out in The Reading Room, a temporary project dedicated to poetry and experimental fiction. On selected Fridays, The Reading Room becomes the site of readings by poets and writers.