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  • Terence Davies: Cinema, Memory, Emotion

    August 19–27, 2017

    We celebrate the release of the British writer-director's latest film, a biography of Emily Dickinson, with a selection of his beautifully nuanced works.

  • Screen Play

    July 29 & August 19, 2017

    A Free Outdoor Festival of Theater on Film

    BAMPFA's outdoor screen comes to life this summer with vibrant film adaptations of noted stage productions.

  • Marlon Brando: The Fugitive Kind

    September 1–October 28, 2017

    BAMPFA showcases the indelible roles of an actor who transformed male performance on film, from A Streetcar Named Desire to The Godfather.

  • Amit Dutta’s Cinematic Museum

    September 3–10, 2017

    Examining India’s contemporary artists and classical painters, Dutta’s process-oriented films attest to the ardor of art history.

  • Canyon Cinema 50

    September 13–November 29, 2017

    A tribute to Canyon’s fifty-year history of providing access to artist-made films and expanding the idea of what cinema can be.

  • Reflection and Resistance: James Baldwin and Cinema

    September 14–November 16, 2017

    This series explores James Baldwin’s encounter with cinema and his contributions to American intellectual life.

  • Owsley Brown, A Filmmaker’s Journey

    September 15–October 29, 2017

    The local documentary maker presents his films reflecting on the power of music and the creative harmonies of our shared world.

  • Alternative Visions 2017

    September 20–December 3, 2017

    BAMPFA's avant-garde showcase is a chance to explore the rich history of experimental cinema.

  • Chantal Akerman by Chantal Akerman

    September 24–October 29, 2017

    We pay tribute to the late filmmaker with a selection of her most autobiographical works, which combine formal rigor with empathy and insight.

  • A Golden Age of Chinese Cinema, 1947–52

    September 30–October 21, 2017

    Rare films imported from the China Film Archive reveal an exceptionally fertile period in the nation’s cinema history.

  • Fallen Idols: Graham Greene on Screen

    October 6–28, 2017

    Films written by Greene or based on his fiction illustrate his famous axiom: “human nature is not black and white but black and grey.”

  • Afterimage: Kevin Jerome Everson

    October 25–26, 2017

    Everson's films examine formal practices and structures of history while chronicling everyday African American life. Author Michael B. Gillespie joins him in conversation.

  • In Focus: Filmmakers on the Language of Cinema

    November 1–15, 2017

    Filmmakers Peter Mettler, Emiko Omori, and Elliot Davis shed light on the distinctive visual language of cinema in this lecture/screening series.

  • Afterimage: Peter Mettler

    November 1–5, 2017

    Mettler joins us to discuss his evocative films, which use the imagistic quality of cinema to express metaphysical concerns.

  • A Choice of Weapons: The Films of Gordon Parks

    November 3–December 1, 2017

    This series focuses on celebrated photographer Gordon Parks’s groundbreaking and powerful work as a filmmaker.

  • In the Mood for Maggie Cheung

    November 3–December 16, 2017

    Moving effortlessly between genres and languages, this iconic contemporary actress imbues each of her characters with uncommon wit, strength, and grace.

  • The Art of Cinematography

    November 5–December 29, 2017

    Revel in cinema as a visual art with this international lineup of celebrated classics and lesser-known discoveries.

  • What's a Human Anyway? Films from the Global Lens Collection

    November 11–December 21, 2017

    From Tajikistan to Uruguay, Mali to Vietnam, these films offer perspectives on human experience that are both distinctly local and universal.

  • Hayoun Kwon in Person

    November 12–15, 2017

    The artist presents works that explore personal memories and political realities in imaginative and inventive ways.

  • Polish Animation: 70 Years

    December 3–20, 2017

    This survey ranges from the subversive experiments of the Soviet era to the surreal, comic, and lyrical works of Polish animators today.

  • Limited Engagements & Special Screenings 2018


    Recent releases, restored classics, and special guests grace the Barbro Osher Theater.

  • Ida Lupino: Hard, Fast, and Beautiful

    January 13–February 24, 2018

    A talented actress turned groundbreaking director, Lupino left an indelible impression on cinema from both sides of the camera.

  • Documentary Voices 2018

    January 17–April 18, 2018

    Our annual documentary series spotlights politically engaged works ranging from Colombia to Portugal to the Canadian North.

  • In Focus: Eisenstein and His Contemporaries

    January 17–May 2, 2018

    Lecture/Screening Series

    Explore the work of celebrated Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein in the context of his times with screenings and lectures by Eisenstein expert Anne Nesbet.

  • Movie Matinees for All Ages 2018


    Treat the family to a Saturday afternoon at the movies.

  • Reverse Angle: Cinema Looks at Itself

    January 20–April 1, 2018

    This rich array of fiction, nonfiction, and experimental works interrogates film as a medium and asks what cinema’s social and cultural role is or could be.

  • Bergman 100: A Tribute to Liv Ullmann

    February 1–24, 2018

    We begin a yearlong centennial celebration of the great director Ingmar Bergman with a visit from one of his closest collaborators, actress Liv Ullmann.

  • Sergei Eisenstein: Films That Shook the World

    February 9–April 21, 2018

    This major retrospective celebrates one of cinema’s most pioneering and influential figures, whose theory of montage shaped the way films are made and understood.

  • Documenting Vietnam

    February 28–April 29, 2018

    Self-Portraits of America at War

    Powerful and innovative documentaries reveal the impact of the Vietnam War on the way Americans perceived themselves.

  • Bergman 100: The Silence of God

    March 1–May 9, 2018

    This installment in our yearlong tribute to Ingmar Bergman focuses on his metaphysical investigations, as well as his collaboration with actor Max von Sydow.

  • African Film Festival 2018

    March 8–May 6, 2018

    This annual festival showcases the best of African cinema and films from the diaspora.

  • Bergman 100: The Early Years

    March 16–May 6, 2018

    Salon Screenings in Theater 2

    Screenings in Theater 2 invite you to enjoy Ingmar Bergman’s early works in an intimate, salon-style setting.