Double Your Impact

How to have your membership support or gift matched!

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a member, upgrading your membership, or making a gift to support the exciting art, film, and education programs at BAMPFA, now is the time!

Thanks to a remarkable gift from a generous family, donations and membership support will now be matched up to $5 million!*

Take advantage of this opportunity to make your support for BAMPFA go even farther by joining, upgrading your membership, or making a gift today:

Become a new member

If you’ve never been a member of BAMPFA—or if your membership lapsed more than a year ago—this is the perfect time to join! Your membership gift will be matched. **

Upgrade your membership

Is your membership due for renewal or recently lapsed? This is the ideal time to upgrade! Renew at a higher level than your current membership, and not only will you receive additional benefits, your membership support will be matched dollar-for-dollar to benefit BAMPFA’s programs.**

Give a new or increased gift

If you’re a new donor or haven’t given to BAMPFA in the past calendar year, your donation of any amount will be matched one to one. If you’re already a donor . . . thank you! You can still make an even bigger impact in support of BAMPFA’s art, film, and education programs by increasing your gift this year. Make a single donation larger than any single gift you gave in the past calendar year, and it will be matched.

Questions about membership? Call our member hotline at 510-642-5186 or email

Questions about donating? Contact Senior Gifts Officer Jennifer Sime at 510-643-9632 or

*Contributions will be matched up to $5 million from all qualifying gifts starting from January 1, 2019.

**Your membership will be at the level corresponding to your actual donation. Thanks to the match, however, BAMPFA will receive additional funding to support our programs.