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  • Her Sister's Secret

  • The Long Voyage Home

  • Bachelor's Affairs

  • Spring Night, Summer Night

Past Films

  • My Best Girl

    • Sunday, May 15 5 PM
    Sam Taylor
    United States, 1927

    Mary Pickford plays a shopgirl in love with a stock clerk who is not what he seems in this charming silent comedy. With Pickford shorts The Son’s Return and A Manly Man.

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  • Bachelor’s Affairs

    • Friday, May 20 7 PM
    Alfred L. Werker
    United States, 1932

    Adolphe Menjou is delightfully tongue-in-cheek as an aging playboy looking for a new plaything to distract his overeager young wife. With musical short Me and the Boys.

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  • Men in War

    • Sunday, May 29 5 PM
    Anthony Mann
    United States, 1957

    Robert Ryan and Aldo Ray star in Mann’s bleak, gripping take on the Korean conflict. “War on the ground has rarely been done much better than this” (New Yorker).

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  • The First Legion

    • Saturday, June 11 6:30 PM
    Douglas Sirk
    United States, 1951

    Charles Boyer plays a priest investigating a purported miracle at a Jesuit seminary in Sirk’s drama of faith and doubt.

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  • The Big Broadcast

    • Sunday, June 12 5 PM
    Frank Tuttle
    United States, 1932

    Bing Crosby, Cab Calloway, Kate Smith, the Mills Brothers, and other recording stars convene for a musical comedy that is “playful, exuberant, and zany to the max” (LA Times). With musical short Me and the Boys.

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  • The Long Voyage Home

    • Sunday, June 19 5 PM
    John Ford
    United States, 1940

    Ford’s maritime drama, based on Eugene O’Neill works, follows a freighter whose crew includes John Wayne and Thomas Mitchell. Glorious cinematography by Gregg Toland (Citizen Kane) begs for the big screen.

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  • Her Sister's Secret

    • Wednesday, June 22 7 PM
    Edgar G. Ulmer
    United States, 1946

    A New Orleans belle’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy leads to further unintended consequences in this melodrama, an unusually glossy outing from B-movie king Edgar Ulmer.

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  • Spring Night, Summer Night

    • Saturday, June 25 6:30 PM
    Joseph L. Anderson
    United States, 1967

    Introduced by Peter Conheim
    Shot on location in rural Ohio, this lost-and-found classic of American independent cinema could be “the missing link between Shadows and The Last Picture Show” (Village Voice).

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  • White Zombie & The Crime of Doctor Crespi

    • Sunday, June 26 5 PM

    Double Feature

    BAMPFA Student Committee Pick!

    A sensational tale of the living dead featuring Bela Lugosi. Followed by The Crime of Doctor Crespi, starring Erich von Stroheim as a sinister surgeon.

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