• Anna Homler as Breadwoman. Photo: Sue Einstein

Performance: Anna Homler/Breadwoman

Programmed by Alix Blevins

Vocalist Anna Homler presents her performance persona Breadwoman, who lives outside of time and communicates with gestures and songs in a melodic, phonetic language that is both alien and familiar. Homler collaborates with local musicians and dancers across the US and Europe to bring Breadwoman to life. In 2016, Homler’s 1985 album Breadwoman and Other Tales was rereleased to critical acclaim.

In this iteration of Breadwoman, Anna Homler will be joined by Jorge Martin and Linnea Snyderman.

Though classically trained on piano and clarinet, Jorge Martin is most often heard constructing intricate music by processing the output from his modular analog synthesizer panels through a myriad of effect pedals and feedback. He was one half of the acclaimed duo Spastic Colon (Downey, CA) and one-fifth of the band, Sleestak (Los Angeles). Currently, he is a member of the Southern California Soundscape Ensemble, a collaborative involved in making and playing back field recordings.

Linnea Snyderman is a proud native of Berkeley, CA. She trained at the San Francisco Ballet School and went on to receive her BFA in dance from The Boston Conservatory. Linnea has danced professionally throughout the Bay Area as well as Los Angeles, where she currently lives.