BAMPFA offers limited opportunities to work with us on partnerships within our space. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approval is contingent on multiple factors, including staff availability and alignment with the BAMPFA Mission.

  • Public program use
    Currently eligible for consideration only in the form of joint programming partnerships aligned with BAMPFA’s mission.
  • Filming requests
    UC Berkeley Capital Strategies administers the Campus Filming Program for commercial film shoots by outside companies, including: movies, television, commercials, and still photography. Please contact Capital Strategies directly:, or phone: 510-495-5786.
  • UC Berkeley campus department requests
    Currently eligible on a very limited basis. Partnerships must be aligned with BAMPFA’s mission. For classroom scheduling please contact the UC Berkeley Office of the Registrar directly.
  • Private program use
    Currently eligible for consideration on an extremely limited basis.
Interested in partnering with BAMPFA on a program? Please fill out this form for inquiries.