Study Centers

The new BAMPFA offers unparalleled opportunities for engagement with original works of art. Scholars from around the world, students from UC Berkeley and beyond, and members of the community will all have direct access to specialized study centers, staffed by trained facilitators and librarians.

Film Library & Study Center

The Film Library and Study Center is one of the major film reference resources in the country and the new BAMPFA makes its remarkable collections accessible to researchers, students, and the community. You can delve into our extensive film research collection of over 10,000 books; 150 journal titles; 50,000 film stills; 10,500 posters; and 2,500 audiotapes of filmmakers who have appeared at BAMPFA, as well as screenplays, international film festival programs, and distributors’ catalogs. Viewing carrels allow for free drop-in-access to digitized films and videos from the BAMPFA collection; analog films from our collection can be viewed by appointment for a fee. Click here for more information >

Hours: Wednesday–Friday, 1–5; Appointments: (510) 642-1437

Florence Helzel Works on Paper Study Center

The Florence Helzel Works on Paper Study Center provides storage and study areas for drawings, prints, and photographs from the BAMPFA collection, with works dating from the fifteenth century to the present. Open to visitors by appointment; please note that a minimum of three weeks advance notice is required.

Appointments: (510) 643-0857

James Cahill Asian Art Study Center

Visitors will be able to view BAMPFA’s extensive collection of historical Asian artworks on paper, silk, and cotton, including paintings, drawings, and prints, in the James Cahill Asian Art Study Center. Custom-made storage cabinets with rolling shelves and a specially designed system to display hanging scrolls and thangkas facilitate viewing. This study center honors the legacy of UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus James Cahill (1926–2014), a hugely influential teacher and one of the foremost scholars of Chinese painting. Open to visitors by appointment; please note that a minimum of three weeks advance notice is required.

Appointments: (510) 643-0857

Steven Leiber Conceptual Art Study Center

BAMPFA’s significant holdings in Conceptual art and related materials—including the archives of the Museum of Conceptual Art, The Ant Farm collective, and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, as well as significant Fluxus and mail art collections—were greatly expanded last year with the acquisition of the Steven Leiber collection of Conceptual art and ephemera, as well as Leiber’s library of Conceptual art reference and artists’ books. Steven Leiber, who died in 2012, was a world-renowned dealer, scholar, and collector with a special interest in Conceptual art. Open to visitors by appointment; please note that a minimum of three weeks advance notice is required.

Appointments: (510) 643-0857