BAMPFA Student Committee

Each year, the BAMPFA Student Committee organizes symposia, parties, and other events to involve their fellow Cal students with BAMPFA. BAMPFA Student Committee Facebook page.

Meet the Student Committee

Spenser Atlas
Society & Environment

Maggie Azary

Valarie Chua

Alex Croft

Scarlet Cummings
Art History / Film Studies. Art and film are crucial to everyone’s education; they allow us to connect in both the broadest of social interactions and in the most intimate of human relationships. F. Scott Fitzgerald said the beauty of literature—and, for me, also of film and art—is that “you discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.” 

Lieyah Dagan

Samantha Daly
Film Studies. Art is the most important thing in the world because everything you create, believe, or emanate is art.

Theo Dumothier

Ronica Gajjar
Integrative Biology

Julia Higgins
Political Economy

Andrew Kodama

Andrew Kuznetsov
Comparative Literature.

Eva Phillips
Sustainable Environmental Design / City and Regional Planning

Hannah Reinhard
Art Practice

Jackie Sanchez

Divya Saraf
Landscape Architecture / English. I believe art is feeling and emotion expressed; a chiaroscuro of our essence. 

Kelsey Schiedermayer
Art History / History. Art provides a window through which we are invited to explore and engage with people from different times, cultures, and ideologies, giving us a deeper and more intimate understanding of our world. 

Ethan Silver
Art Practice / Ethnic Studies

Miyako Singer  
History. Art is groovy, excessive, and wonderful, and I’m glad to be around it!  

Lucy Stark
Art Practice

Emily Szasz
Art History. Art is important to me because it provides for expression, connection, and community. 

Rosa Wan
Film Studies.

Sooji Yang
Society & Environment