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Repentant Monk: Illusion and Disillusion in the Art of Chen Hongshou

Hear the artist's own words come to life.

When you see this symbol  in the gallery, play the corresponding audio file to hear the inscription as read by Devendra Banhart and Jerry Yang. 

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English, read by Devendra Banhart
Mandarin, read by Jerry Yang

Landscapes, Figures, and Flowers

Leaf A

Leaf D

Leaf E

Leaf I

Leaf J

Leaf K


Bodhisattva Guanyin in the Form of the Buddha-Mother Zhunti


Figures, Flowers, and Landscapes

Leaf A

Leaf C



Leaf 1

Leaf 2

Leaf 3

Leaf 4

Leaf 5

Leaf 6

Leaf 7

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Leaf 10

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Immortals Gathering


Four Scenes from The Life of the Tang Poet Bai Juyi

Panel 1

Panel 2

Panel 3

Panel 4


Scenes from the Life of Tao Yuanming

Gathering Chrysanthemums

Sending Laborer

Planting Glutinous Rice

Returning Home

No Wine

Relinquishing the Official Seal

Wine Credit

Composing Eulogies for Fans

Declining Gifts

Go Begging

Filtering Wine


Album for Monk Yu

Leaf I