62 Years and 6500 Miles Between

Asking her century-old grandmother what advice she has for young people, local filmmaker Anita Chang receives a simple reply: “Politics!” Despite a third stroke and a century of struggle, “Democratic Grandma” remains true to the ideals that earned her acclaim and a memorable nickname in Taiwan. However, she also knows that progress exacts a price-a realization rendered vividly and with poignant candor in Chang's portrait of her headstrong amah. Tracing the parallel threads of her female relatives' stories, Chang (Imagining Place) uncovers revelations of political persecution while focusing on the struggle to maintain-and sometimes resist-the bonds of filial traditions. A provocative meditation on history-making and the postcolonial condition, this dynamic documentary intimately depicts what it means to be a part of a family, a nation, and a world in constant upheaval.

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