Adam's Rib

“This well-played and often witty comedy derives its humor from modern variations on the battle of the sexes. Katharine Hepburn, thin, nervous and high-strung, keeps pecking away at Spencer Tracy, who is solid, imperturbable and maddeningly sane. She attacks, he blocks; their skirmishes are desperately, ludicrously civilized. They are married lawyers on opposing sides in a court battle; the case involves equal rights for women, i.e. does Judy Holliday have the right to shoot her husband, Tom Ewell, in order to protect her home against Jean Hagen? The stars are well matched; the script by Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin is lively and ingenious. The phenomenal supporting cast includes David Wayne (who almost walks away with the movie), Polly Moran, and Hope Emerson (as a circus strong woman).”

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