All Around Us

Special admission prices apply: General admission, $10 until March 11, $11 on or after March 12; BAM/PFA and Center for Asian American Media members, $8; Students, seniors, and disabled persons, $9.

(Gururi no koto). Following a seven-year hiatus, renowned Japanese director Ryosuke Hashiguchi (Hush; Like Grains of Sand) presents this combination of absurdist comedy, romantic drama, and acute illustration of a dysfunctional society. Kanao (artist/singer/novelist Lily Franky) is a hapless shoe repairman who moseys into a marriage with Shoko, his college girlfriend. After the death of their infant daughter, Shoko succumbs to a deep depression, straining under surroundings that seem to be closing in on her. Meanwhile, Kanao happens upon a job as a courtroom sketch artist; surrounded by eccentric, jaded colleagues, he witnesses a parade of disturbing trials (all based on well-known real-life crimes). Pitting a not-so-loving couple against the backdrop of a volatile decade, Hashiguchi's All Around Us ushers viewers into the personal spaces of a troubled marriage, and captures not just the public tragedies that exist “all around us,” but the human spirit that lies within us.

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