Alliance for Progress

In the early 1970s, a film movement known as the Parallel Cinema grew up in Argentina. Its name was derived from the alternative or “parallel” exhibition circuit through which these politically and aesthetically radical works could be shown, a circuit made up of union meetings, student groups, and film clubs. Luduena's Alliance For Progress, along with Edgardo Cozarinsky's ... ... ... (DOT DOT DOT), were the two most famous products of this movement. Alliance For Progress is a broad allegory of the struggle against foreign imperialism in Latin America. The characters are representatives of social types, with names like Miss Middle Class, Mr. Industrialist, and so forth. Beyond the allegory, however, Luduena confronts the spectator throughout the film with grisly scenes of torture and repression, as if to constantly remind us of the reality which his allegory is merely representing.

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