American Zombie

Grace Lee (The Grace Lee Project) sinks her teeth into a secretive Los Angeles subculture that goes by several names, according to the experts: decedents, the nonliving community, revenants, the living dead; in other words, zombies. Her subjects are, on the surface, ordinary people: Ivan is a slacker who works the night shift at a convenience store and produces a zine, while his roommate, a less functional zombie, is openly hostile. Judy does customer service at an organic foods company and scrapbooks hopefully about Mr. Right. Joel runs the Zombie Advocacy Group (ZAG) to organize for their civil rights. Lisa is a New Age type who creates string sculptures and undergoes ancient healing techniques not only to get in touch with herself, but to remove the pesky worms in her open wound. A frank and unflinching “documentary” on just another marginalized community, American Zombie voices a cinematic call for understanding.

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