“The prospect of Lubitsch directing Marlene Dietrich was an exciting one. Dietrich appeared as Lady Maria Baker, wife of Sir Frederick Baker (Herbert Marshall), a British Cabinet Minister, and an energetic statesman too engrossed in settling international problems at Geneva to pay sufficient attention to his wife. Maria is attracted to an upper-class Englishman, Anthony Halton (Melvyn Douglas), ‘recently returned from government service in India,' and as they pass the time together in Paris for awhile, Anthony hopes to persuade Maria, whom he knows only as Angel, to elope with him the following Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. With Lubitsch in control, a certain romantic elegance pervaded the film, expressed visually in the...sets and Charles Lang's camerawork and in the performances, particularly that of Dietrich, at her most beautiful and most glamorous, and certainly more assured than with von Sternberg.” --Ian Klava

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