Animation Delights

The essence of a taxi driver's day, pixillated via stop-motion photography over a one-year period.

• Directed by Roland Stutz. (Canada, 1969, 3 mins, color, French song, Print courtesy of National Film Board of Canada)

Gertie the Dinosaur
An animation classic, combining live action with line drawings, made before World War I.

• Directed by Winsor McCay. (1909, 11 mins, silent, Print courtesy of Museum of Modern Art/Creative Film Society)

A visual tour de force of collage animation about the adventures of an arrow among changing patterns of Avery labels.

• Directed by Caroline and Frank Mouris. (1978, 10 mins, nonverbal, color, Print courtesy of Phoenix Films)

A Little Girl and the Gunny Wolf
A charming black version of “Little Red Riding Hood” in cutout animation, drawn and narrated by elementary school children.

• Directed by Steve and Marion Klein. (1971, 6 mins, color, Print courtesy of Paramount Communications)

Sand (Or Peter and the Wolf)
An arresting adaptation of “Peter and the Wolf,” wordlessly animated in sand.

• Directed by Caroline Leaf. (1969, 10 mins, Print courtesy of Phoenix Films)

The Fable of He and She
An amusing look at sex-defined job roles and a tongue-in-cheek anthropological study of an island, in clay animation.

• Directed by Eliot Noyes, Jr. (1974, 11 mins, color, Print courtesy of The Learning Corporation of America)

Felix the Cat in One Good Turn
The engaging and mischievous Felix the Cat helps a friend. Cel animation.

• Directed by Otto Messmer. (1929, 7 mins, Print courtesy of Oriola Film Studios)

Gerald McBoing Boing
Despite an unusual handicap, Gerald McCloy finds his own special place in the world. Cel animation.

• Directed by Robert Cannon and John Hubley. (1950, 7 mins, color, Print courtesy of Stephen Bosustow Productions/Creative Film Society)

Entire program runs 65 minutes.

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