Anschi and Michael

“Anschi, a schoolgirl, meets Michael when she takes a holiday job in the factory where he's an apprentice. Elvis singing ‘King Creole' from the screen of a suburban cinema marks the first stage of their falling in love. They are happy together, but when they take their relationship to the outside world, things start to get complicated since neither of them knows how to deal with the other's life style or circle of friends. Anschi refuses to understand Michael's dependence on his own environment and friends, or his need to be accepted by them. At a party with his friends, Michael treats her the way his friends treat their ‘chicks.' She can't understand his behaviour and runs away. While she makes no effort to know his friends, she insists on him meeting her parents and school-friends. Their problems are highlighted by a discussion at a party, about the problems of workers and apprentices which is so theoretical that Michael is unable to join in and leaves feeling hurt... Anschi has trouble at school and Michael has problems at the factory, they break up and both embark on new relationships without much success.... Yet in the end they re-unite in an attempt to make a success of their relationship, despite their obvious social differences.” (Programme--Berlin Festival) Anschi And Michael is a Romeo and Juliet story set between social classes in modern Munich.

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