Stanley Donen's follow-up to the successful Charade replaces that film's Cary Grant-and-Audrey Hepburn pairing with an even more glamorous, handsome pair-Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren-all while amping up the globe-trotting intrigue, Dior fashions, and big-budget spectacle. A finely cheekboned hieroglyphics expert (Peck) winds up in the middle of an international plot, and is soon on the run with a mysterious femme fatale (Loren). It's not the plot that matters, though, but the style, whether found in Loren's fabulous wardrobe, Donen's keep-it-moving choreography, or the hectic Pop-Art camera style. “Everything was shot as though it were a reflection in a Rolls-Royce headlamp,” memorably recalled one cowriter.

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