Art and Life: Finding the Thread

Art and Life: Finding the Thread is a foray into the many worlds of renowned artist, opera/theater director, activist, and professor Peter Sellars. Shot over the course of six years, the film moves effortlessly between the intimate and public worlds occupied by Sellars, carrying on a thought-provoking dialogue between the artist and the inquisitive filmmaker. Sellars is seen during his politically inflected lectures at UCLA, where he challenges students to think for themselves while exposing them to many different cultural and artistic innovations. The focus shifts to Sellars's work as a theatrical director, in collaboration with activist John Malpede, as well as during the stirring production of a Jean Genet play adapted to fit the politically charged climate of East Los Angeles. A prismatic portrait captured through a respectful lens, Art and Life showcases Sellars as a passionate force for artistic and human integrity.

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