Directed by twin brothers Danny and Oxide Pang, Bangkok Dangerous is a hyper-stylish thriller about a deaf hitman. Tormented as a child because of his disability, Kong (portrayed with charged silence by Pawalit Mongkolpisit) has become a discarded soul living on the fringes, reclusive and cold. Then he comes under the thrall of a seasoned killer, Joe, who trains him as a paid assassin. Kong has a natural way with weaponry-it seems not flinching at the sound of a gun steadies the aim. The Pang Brothers have created a hip, violent neo-noir that uses Kong's deafness not so much as shorthand for the “silent” male but as an emblem of childhood trauma. It's as though his deafness insulates him from a world of suffering. Though brimming with ultracool carnage, in Bangkok Dangerous only the killer can't hear you scream.

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