Bed and Sofa

One of the most delightful and outrageous early Soviet films, Bed and Sofa offers a surprisingly frank look at shifting values in a society still very much in transition. When Volodya moves to Moscow to look for work, he's unable to find housing. So, he moves in with his old army buddy Kolya and Kolya's wife Lyuda. All is friendly-if cozy. But while Kolya is away on business, a romance emerges between Lyuda and Volodya. Furious, Kolya tries to leave, but housing is so tight, he settles for the living room couch. Remarkably daring, Bed and Sofa is beautifully realized, with wonderful performances by its ménage-à-trois that draw you into the complexity of the emotional situation. The film was refused a license for public exhibition in the United Kingdom, although it was shown in private film clubs.

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