The Beekeeper

"Mastroianni is the imposing central figure of The Beekeeper, a man soured by a secret love for his daughter, and now a wanderer, obsessed by his job as a beekeeper. Angelopoulos follows this hollow man as he drives from town to town, picks up a young girl traveler, and revisits his old haunts and comrades (of the Resistance)....The director's signature is ever present: wonderfully textured images by Arvanitis, a succession of beautifully sustained traveling shots, and an emotional intensity which moves to a grave, overwhelming climax. This is the kind of visual filmmaking of which only the greatest artists are capable and, apart from anything else, it is the best road movie since Paris, Texas. Indeed, Wenders and Angelopoulos share some secrets." (John Gillett, London Film Festival) "Mastroianni submits himself entirely to Angelopoulos's vision. It's a beautiful performance...not through dialogue but through looks and body language." (AFI LA Film Festival)

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