Behind the Scenes: Barry Gifford on Screenwriting , followed by The Phantom Father

Language is a pliable resource. It can appear suggestively on the page or it can be animated as a moving-image impression. Barry Gifford has ventured through all variants as a novelist who has seen his words adapted, as the one responsible for such transformations, and as a writer of original screenplays that find their motivating medium in cinema. Gifford talks about the writer's journey through the thicket of film production, from David Lynch's inspired appropriation of Wild at Heart and the travails of Perdita Durango, to the richly humored The Phantom Father and perhaps to Gifford's newest, the script for Robinson Devor's You Can't Win. Concludes with a Q&A session with the audience, followed by a complete screening of The Phantom Father beginning at about 8:30.

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