Birth of a Nation

Admission $.50

The Cinematheque is a series of film programs offered in the fall, winter and spring quarters under the auspices of the Division of Special Programs: The Film Group Major, and the Archive. These Thursday afternoon programs are open to the public, as well as students, and this fall quarter are coordinated with Film 125A, taught by Stephen Dwoskin. A survey of film classics and history will be presented by The Cinematheque; the fall quarter will be devoted to the silent film.
Birth Of A Nation, D.W. Griffith's Civil War epic, is certainly one of the most important films ever made, as well as one of the most controversial. But it earned its fame not only because of its inflammatory subject matter, but also because of its length and complexity. Here Griffith drew upon all the technical devices which he and others had developed, and established the basic style of cinema as disjunctive, with an unlifelike but emotionally effective succession of long shots, medium shots, and rapidly alternating crosscut scenes. Our print is color tinted and toned and exceptionally sharp for a 16mm print.

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