Blink of an Eye

A storybook, medieval illuminations and details of the external world are lovingly observed in five recent experimental films that explore the nature of things, the way we think and the possibilities of image making. In the space between one image and the next, we leap to conclusions, link the unexpected and deepen our understanding. Blink, and we miss a moment of beauty.

Forms Are Not Self-Subsistent Substances Samantha Rebello, U.K., 2010, 23 mins

Armoire (Four Parts) Vincent Grenier, U.S., 2007–11, 9 mins

Sounding Glass Sylvia Schedelbauer, Germany, 2011, 7 mins

Curious Light Charlotte Pryce, U.S., 2011, 4 mins

Words of Mercury Jerome Hiler, U.S., 2011, 25 mins

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