Block C

Demirkubuz's first feature film in many ways established the style and themes that would mature in his later work. Tulay lives in a smart, modern apartment development. While her marriage falls apart, a neighbor, Halit, begins spying on her, following her every move. Gradually, Tulay's experience of the everyday reality around her blends with her fears, desires, and memories. Her relations with her maid Asli, her husband, and Halit are always uncertain and contradictory, potentially existing only in her mind. Demirkubuz (who would later take over as cinematographer on his films) uses a cool, hard photographic style that-together with the rigidly geometric setup of the apartment complex-provides an effective counterpoint to the emotions raging beneath Tulay's placid exterior. Block C is a provocative modern parable about the desire to control your own destiny in a world that seems to have a mind of its own.

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