Born in a Barn

Antonia Kao in Person

Being human is a difficult job-keeping your tie straight and your goals on track can lead to misery. But being pony is to be free to prance about a meadow, legs stepping high, one's mane in a magnificent flutter. No wonder, then, that ponyplay is on the rise. That's right, a role-playing fetish in which people become human ponies and their handlers have free rein. Though ponypeople are not above a quick toss in the hay, they are well-groomed and much delighted by the tic of leathery tack. Born in a Barn introduces us to four equine enthusiasts: ponygirl Mischief, a forty-year-old filly with an obedience problem; RedHot Pony and his trainer DommeLuv, a middle-aged couple who like to horse around; and trigger T.H.E. horse, the grand stallion of ponyplayers. A breed apart, these four trailblazing role-players have followed an unusual path, but it has led them to the one thing they really sought: a stable relationship.

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