The Braddock Chronicles

“These quietly attentive and politically engaged shorts suggest (Buba) as something like his hometown's Harvey Pekar or Studs Terkel.”-The Village Voice

Buba's first films were portraits of his family, friends, and fellow residents of his hometown, Braddock. In Betty's Corner Cafe, Betty plays mom and barmaid to the male “regulars.” They tell their stories, Betty tells their stories, and never the twain shall meet. J. Roy-New and Used Furniture is a capsule portrait of the American dream in the person of one Jimmy Roy, who has made some eleven “comebacks” in his life. He is Braddock's-and life's-biggest booster. Plus, the hustler and raconteur Sweet Sal talks the talk, Peabody & Friends recounts a personal tragedy, and in Mill Hunk Herald, Steve Pelligrino lets loose on the accordion . . . and more!

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