The Buddy Holly Story

“The factual errors - or misrepresentations - damage the material, as they don't in Hot Wax, and this isn't much of a movie: it jerks through Holly's brief rise as a post-Elvis rocker until the inevitable cornball freeze-frame just stops it. Still, Gary Busey's obsessive, self-deprecating, at times near-demonic assault on the title role will leave you wondering: Did Holly really die in that plane crash back in 1959, or did he just go in for plastic surgery? Busey doesn't impersonate Holly, he takes him over, as if this role weren't merely his first chance at stardom, but at life itself. The proof of his power is in the singing, all Busey's-- unlistenable on the soundtrack LP, on-screen it might as well be the real thing. Recommended for all fans of unique performances, rock 'n' roll, and necrophilia.”

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