The Cabinet of the Brothers Quay, Program 1

New Prints!

“In considering the animated films of Stephen and Timothy Quay,” Michael Atkinson wrote in The Village Voice, “there's little room for vacillation and reserved opinions-either you have been stunned into a hypnoid swoon by these tabletop visions or you haven't seen them. To call the Quays' work the most original and rapturously vivid image-making on the planet might sound like hyperbole until you see the films, which . . . can redefine your ideas of cinematic space and causality.” This weekend, PFA offers two programs of visionary shorts by the Philadelphia-born, London-based twin animators, many of them in new prints. Tonight's presentation includes the Quays' early tribute to surrealist puppetmaster Jan Svankmajer; the AIDS-haunted Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies; and selections from the Stille Nacht series of exquisite miniatures, among other wonders.

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