Winner of six Goya Awards in Spain (including Best Director, Film, Script, and Actress), this courageous drama tackles the very roots of faith and suffering in its tale of a young girl stricken with an incurable illness, and the religious organization that refuses to help. “God is doing a wondrous thing for this little girl,” says Gloria when her eleven-year-old daughter Camino contracts cancer; a member of the controversial Opus Dei movement, Gloria believes that such suffering is but one part of a master plan. Fortunately, in the midst of pain, Camino is also experiencing the joys of first love. Based on a true story, Camino condemns not spirituality per se, but religious extremism and its dehumanizing effects. “In the movie the main point is love,” writes director Javier Fesser. “If you believe in love, who needs religion?”

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