Streaming: Carmine Street Guitars

July 1–October 11, 2020

The Greenwich Village guitar shop at the heart of Ron Mann’s documentary is one the last redoubts of a fast-disappearing bohemian Manhattan.

Glenn Kenny, New York Times

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Ron Mann specializes in making documentaries about pop culture (Comic Book Confidential, The Twist, Grass, Know Your Mushrooms). With Carmine Street Guitars, Mann serves up an inspired portrait of a Greenwich Village landmark, an artisanal shop that is rapidly becoming an island in a sea of gentrification. The owner, Rick Kelly, and his collaborator Cindy Hulej are committed to their craft, catering to a who’s who of musicians. The aged, repurposed wood for these custom-made guitars comes from historic New York buildings, and each instrument has its own unique character and resonance. Nothing looks or sounds quite like a Rick Kelly guitar, which is the reason they have been embraced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Jim Jarmusch, Eleanor Friedberger, Charlie Sexton, and Bill Frisell. Carmine Street Guitars will warm your heart and linger long after the last note fades away.

Susan Oxtoby
  • Len Blum
  • John M. Tran
  • Becky Parsons
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  • Color
  • Digital
  • 80 mins
  • Abramorama