Cartoons of the Depression

Admission: $1.00

“While the nation scraped and groaned through more than a decade of economic dislocation, popular animation was slowly finding its footing as a craft-process light-industry too busy for dreams of art. The challenge of integrating music and dialogue was met with rough grace and cheerful improvisation. Though most of the studios did not attempt to compete with the escalating production values of Disney, examples such as The Little Match Girl offer a delightful difference in graphic style supporting a saccharine choreography inspired by Busby Berkeley.”
-Anthony Reveaux

Prosperity Blues Directed by Al Engster (1932, Columbia); Lambs Will Gambol Directed by Manny Gould (1930, Columbia); What a Life Directed by Ub Iwerks (1932, Celebrity Studios); Smile Darn Ya, Smile Directed by Harmon & Ising (1931, Warner Brothers); Betty Boop's Ups and Downs Directed by Dave Fleischer (1932, Paramount); Happy Hoboes Directed by John Foster (1931, Van Beuren); The Little Match Girl Directed by Sid Marcus (1937, color, Columbia Color Rhapsody).

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