Cartoons with Expressionism

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“Animation of the '30s may be characterized by strong, gifted eloquence side-by-side with crude, Neanderthal natterings. Underlying it all breathing, pulsing and shouting was a wild, anarchic energy which found form and voice in many of these early sound cartoons. In some, it is glimpsed in brief moments of graphic lucidity within an otherwise ordinary film. In others, it can be a djinn which has burst its lamp as spatial reaches echoing Piranesi and Escher unreel past the four tight corners of the screen.”
-Anthony Reveaux

Gypped in Egypt Directed by John Foster (1930, Van Beuren); Croon Crazy (1933, Van Beuren); Techno Cracked Directed by Ub Iwerks (1933, Celebrity Studios); Let's Ring Door Bells Directed by Sid Marcus (1935, Columbia); Bimbo's Initiation Directed by Dave Fleischer (1931, Paramount); Up to Mars Directed by Dave Fleischer (1930, Paramount); Mechanical Monsters: Superman Directed by Dave Fleischer (1941, color, Paramount).

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