Cartoons in Reflection

Admission: $1.00

“As animation's links between process and image have always been most direct, an ontological fascination with its ‘bringing to life' has surfaced often in even some of the earliest of animated films. Given the comedic missions of most theatrical cartoons and the wry, ironic natures of many of their artists, self-parody was inevitable. Their lampooning could go beyond the drawing board and through the silver screen as neither movie-making nor Hollywood icons were spared the ink of sarcasm.”
-Anthony Reveaux

Flim-Flam Films Directed by Otto Messmer (1928, Pat Sullivan); In a Cartoon Studio Directed by John Foster (1931, Van Beuren); Bosko's Picture Show Directed by Harmon & Ising (1933, Warner Brothers); Soda Squirt Directed by Ub Iwerks (1933, Celebrity Studios); You Oughta Be in Pictures Directed by Friz Freleng (1939, Warner Brothers); Porky's Preview Directed by Tex Avery (1941, Warner Brothers); Ride Him Bosko Directed by Harmon & Ising (1932, Warner Brothers).

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