The Case of Tariel Mklavadze

Peter Rollberg is professor of Slavic languages, film studies, and international affairs at George Washington University in Washington, DC, and the author of the Historical Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Cinema (2009). This afternoon he discusses the silent films of Ivan Perestiani, Mikheil Chiaureli, and Nikoloz Shengelaia, and especially the actress Nato Vachnadze, who in many ways defined the early silent period in Georgia.

(Tariel Mklavadzis mkvlelobis saqme/Delo ob ubiistve Tariela Mklavadze). “(A) masterwork of emotionally compelling narrative filmmaking, indispensable for the understanding of Georgian national cinema” (Sergei Kapterev). Set in the nineteenth century, The Case of Tariel Mklavadze is more than a courtroom drama about social injustice; its innovative use of flashbacks creates a truly cinematic adaption of this literary classic. Perestiani's direction is nuanced, including elements of subtle satire and melodrama. Filmed by the talented cinematographer Aleksandr Digmelov, who also shot Little Red Devils, and featuring Nato Vachnadze and future film directors Kote Mikaberidze and Mikhail Kalatozov as cast members.

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