casting a glance

Robert Smithson made his giant earthwork Spiral Jetty in 1970, but until 1999 it was largely submerged under the water of the Great Salt Lake. Its reappearance engendered a number of pilgrimages; filmmaker James Benning's resulted in the remarkable casting a glance. Benning writes: “Between May 15, 2005, and January 14, 2007, I made sixteen trips to the Spiral Jetty. The resulting film maps the Jetty back onto its own thirty-seven-year history-looking at and listening to its recurring changes. From morning to night its allusive, shifting appearance (radical or subtle) may be the result of a passing weather system or simply the changing angle of the sun. Seasonal shifts and water level changes alter salt crystal growth, the amount of algae in the water, and the presence of wildlife. Sounds may come from a navy jet, passing geese, converging thunderstorms, a few crickets, or be a silence so still you can hear the blood moving through the veins in your ears.”

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