The Chaser

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(Chugyeogja). First-time South Korean director Hong-jin Na makes his debut with this masterfully gritty, brutal thriller about murder, vengeance, and a lone man's tortured quest for justice. When one of his “girls” goes missing, a cop-turned-pimp heads into the dark Seoul night to find out what's happened. What he thinks is just competition from rival pimps leads to a far darker realization, however, when it turns out that the woman has been abducted by a serial killer, one who doesn't even mind being interrogated by the police; he knows he'll be released. As the night wears on, it becomes less and less clear who's chasing whom through the cobblestoned, rain-slicked back alleys of Seoul: the killer, the pimp, or the police. The sleeper hit of the year in South Korea, The Chaser is already slated to be remade by Warner Bros.; its graphic thrills, cat-and-mouse twists, and eerie production design have drawn comparisons to Se7en, Zodiac, and Oldboy.

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