A Child's Love Story

Young romance in all its faltering steps is well captured in this leisurely tribute to Dakar, Senegal, and the children within its borders who dream of love. The film revolves around the ordinary days and early nights of preteen best-friends-forever Omar, Yacine, Layti, and Ngonè. Special attention is paid to the budding romance between Omar and Yacine after our valiant Romeo's love letter to his miniature Juliet is intercepted by a teacher. Director Beye balances the specific ambience and social realities of Dakar, its adult world of unemployment, uncertainty, and economic failures, with a universal tale of childhood, with its superstitious games, unencumbered innocence, and everyday gestures. Enjoyable for ages nine and up, A Child's Love Story won UNICEF's Special Award for Children's Rights.

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