Citizen Dog

Wisit Sasanatieng follows up his infamous Thai musical western Tears of the Black Tiger with this candy-coated, fabulously bizarre combination of Chungking Express and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. A collection of tall tales, curios, and love affairs set in a Bangkok where everyone sings and grows tails, Citizen Dog follows the appropriately named Pod, a dazed country bumpkin who's just moved to the big city. “A man without a dream,” he soon meets the beautiful Jin, a maid with a fetish for order. Becoming a taxi driver just to drive her around, Pod chaperones Bangkok's loveless and lunatic, from a teddy bear gone astray to a compulsive licker, but all he truly wants is Jin. Filled with some crazed storytelling devices and CGI graphics that overrun Bangkok with cherry-red rainstorms, Citizen Dog is cinema unleashed from its superego.

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