Collected Vocal Performances & Commissioned Video Works

Collected Vocal Performances

During the past year, NYC artists Depuy and Gigliotti have produced this tape of “modern vocal performances” by artists in the NYC area. The pieces are each around two minutes in length, range from the subtle to the raucous, and may be considered representative of current trends in New York performance art.

• Produced by Jean Depuy and Davidson Gigliotti. Artists included are: Joe Lewis, Julia Heyward, Jean Depuy, Jerry Hovagimyan, Don Cherry, Olga Adorno, George Maciunas, Paula Court, Nam June Paik, Dick Higgins, Jana Haimsohn, Jackson Mac-Low, Elaine Hartnett, Charlemagne Palestine, Richard Hayman, and Nina Lundborg. (1978-79, 30 mins, color, 3/4", Tape from UAM Collection)

Commissioned Video Works

In 1976, guest curator Jim Melchert commissioned for the University Art Museum a series of 4-minute video pieces. The artists and the format were chosen with the idea of representing a broad range of attitudes toward the medium.

• Produced by Jim Melchert. Artists included are: John Baldessari, Robert Watts, John Fernie, Siah Armajani, William Wegman, Leonard L. Hunter, III, Dennis Oppenheim, Les Levine, George Miller, David Askevold, Anda Korsts, Eleanor Antin, Paul McCarthy, Hilla Futterman, and Robert Cumming. (1976, 60 mins, black and white, 3/4", Tape from the UAM Collection)

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