Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon

Co-presented by Human Rights Watch International Film Festival

Gillian Hart is a professor of geography and chair of the development studies major at UC Berkeley. Her most recent book is Disabling Globalization: Places of Power in Post-Apartheid South Africa.

In this inventive approach to a fusion cinema-literary and spontaneous, fictional and documentary-a man, Keniloe, spends his Sundays in a Johannesburg park, reading Nuriddin Farah's Somalian novel Links. As if out of the novel appears Fatima, a Somalian refugee, who over the course of several Sundays relates her tragic story to him. Then one Sunday, Fatima doesn't appear. Keniloe sets out into the streets of Johannesburg to find her, and here is where Khalo Matabane's fictional film becomes a documentary of ideas as our hero becomes enthralled in the tales of those he meets. A Ugandan youth, a young woman from Serbia and Montenegro, a Trinidadian born in England, a native-born South African: all are refugees from wars they carry in their heads. And Fatima? The mystery of her whereabouts is the least of the intrigues in this compelling film. Khalo Matabane is best known for his 2004 short Story of a Beautiful Country.

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